Microsoft Support Services

Microsoft currently owns 50 percent of the market share among IT enterprise applications, and market research indicates that the adoption of Microsoft tools will continue to grow. To keep pace and remain competitive, organizations need qualified professionals with experience and insight into Microsoft technologies.

Select Skills

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Project
  • .NET Framework
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server Administration
  • SQL Server Development
  • Cisco Networking and Voice
  • Microsoft System Center Suite
Microsoft Support

The Qualified Microsoft Professionals You Need

It is increasingly difficult for companies to find IT workers with the right expertise in Microsoft’s suite of products to meet their needs. Microsoft Support Services is a strategic UpComp offering designed to address this problem by helping businesses enhance the quality of their IT workforce.

UpComp has developed a specific practice area focusing only on Microsoft technologies. We have a specialized delivery team dedicated to sourcing, screening and hiring Microsoft professionals for clients looking to augment their workforce and increase productivity. UpComp also has a direct relationship with Microsoft Corporation, which provides us with advanced access to their product roadmap and technologies.

We leverage our strength and experience in recruiting with our insight into Microsoft’s strategy to help our clients meet their business requirements. UpComp concentrates on applications development (.NET), business intelligence (SQL Server) and SharePoint competencies.

The Value We Bring

  • The Right Resources

More than ever, companies are executing critical projects with the use of Microsoft technologies – and they rely on experienced IT professionals to succeed. UpComp delivers the right resources to drive results, eliminating potential delays caused by searching for the right technical talent.