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A key factor in implementing an enterprise-wide Windows solution is a proven engineering process in which the architecture and design of a system are developed. Additionally, enterprises are looking for solution providers with Microsoft Certified Solution Engineer (MCSE) resources. Leading an enterprise through a Windows conversion or first time deployment requires more than a certification, it requires experience. UpComp provides a certified and experienced team with program management skills, superior engineering skills, and knowledge of industry-specific business processes. UpComp’s proven methods, tools, templates, and processes provide cost savings in deployment and support, and a stable, well-engineered system.

UpComp offers a tiered solution in which the enterprise can choose what components it requires based on specific needs. For example, if an enterprise does not have an accurate assessment of their current infrastructure and readiness to develop and implement a Windows solution, then the engineering and modeling phase cannot begin.  The benefits to an UpComp Microsoft Professional Services solution are:

  • Decrease the total cost of ownership of desktops. Moving to a consistent Windows platform reduces the expense of maintaining and supporting multiple heterogeneous platforms
  • Consolidate IT due to mergers, acquisitions, and large business initiatives. Rationalizing the multiple heterogeneous environments creates the opportunity to deploy the industry standards of tomorrow. Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain solutions also drive enterprises towards a Windows 200x platform.
  • Achieve a secure environment with prudent constraints on access and data. Increasing security demands due to Federal law and market pressure drive enterprises to require tighter constraints on access and data, thus Windows becomes an infrastructure choice due to its security attributes.
  • Assure successful implementation. The high demand for Windows skills often makes staffing up for a Windows rollout an extremely difficult task. UpComp’s experienced personnel assist customers at all stages of Windows planning and deployment.

Meet user demands for more functionality and access. Users want the capability to work anywhere, anytime with access to their files and data. The common desktop environment that Windows can easily accommodate becomes the solution to providing functionality and access.

Microsoft Professional Services by Upcomp

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