About Us

Upcomp is a services company that designs and delivers information and communications technology services and solutions for commercial and government clients.

Our services reduce IT costs,  optimize performance, and enable unprecedented business flexibility and scalability, providing our clients with a strategic differential and operating superiority.

Our Principles

The foundations of Upcomp are based on long-term relationships with our customers and our commitment to high levels of customer support and service.

The company’s work ethos involves growing with our clients,  shaping, evolving and supporting their business technologies and providing IT solutions, seamless service and support.

What We Offer

Upcomp delivers expert and affordable computer and network services. We help organisations enhance their information technology (IT) effectiveness and ROI so that they can better meet their business objectives.

We employ a dedicated team of sales and technical IT professionals who have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to help our clients select, develop and implement the right solutions to enhance their information technology.

Our Clients

Our clients range from small businesses to corporate and public sector organisations.  All of our clients, regardless of size, receive the same service and customer-centred approach to enhancing  and supporting their IT infrastructure.  By combining service, expertise, technology, business acumen and experience, Upcomp delivers not only solutions, but peace of mind.

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